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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sets of plans are required to submit an application?
For all applications within the Brisbane area and greater regions require 3 sets of plans. Should the plans be on larger size paper (greater than A3), please provide either an electronic version.
How much will the application cost?
As all building projects are different and within varying local councils, please request a quote from us.
What is QLeave and when does it apply?
QLeave is a Government levy that is payable on all building work with a cost of works value of over $80,000.
What is QBCC Insurance and when does it apply?
The Queensland Building Construction Commission Insurance is an Insurance Levy paid by a Registered Builder for work carried out on Domestic Work. QBCC Insurance is required where the cost of works is over $3,300 and work is being carried out by a licenced builder.
When is an Owner Builder Permit required?
As Owner Builder Permit is required when the cost of the building work is over $11,000 and is being constructed by the Owner of the property.
Can I draw my own plans?
Yes. As long as they are to scale and all required information is detailed on the plans.
Do I need a Building Approval for a garden shed?
Yes. Unless the garden shed has an area of less than 10m2 with a height no greater than 2.4m, a mean height of no more than 2.1m.
Do I need a Building Approval for a fence?
A Building Approval is not needed if the fence is less than two meters high and it doesn't involve a retaining wall that is greater then one meter high.
Do I need a Building Approval for a pergola or patio?
Yes. Unless the pergola / patio has an area of less than 10m2, a height of no more than 2.4m.
Can I get a pool fence expemption?
The only expemption that can be given is for persons with a Disability, and the expemption will need to be granted by the Local Authority.
Do I need a fence to my outdoor spa even if it has a lockable lid?
Yes. The Building Act 1975 classes Swimming Pools and Spas in the same cateogry.
Can my Engineer do the inspections?
An Engineer is able to inspections on particular aspects of the project, however this does not include Final Insepctions. Final Inspections must be completed by an accredited Building Certifier.
Do I also need the local Council do perform an inspection?
No. The Building Certification System is privatised now and Council now only regulate Plumbing works and Town Planning matters. Local Council are also the holders of public records and will receive a copy of all documentation given to us for archiving purposes.
I have received my plumbing / relaxation from the Council, do I need to send a copy to BBAC?

Yes. This documentation may be required to enable us to issue the Building Approval.

Note - Septic Applications need to be approved by Local Government prior to Building Approval.